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How to Choose my NI Alliance Partner

When considering an Alliance Partner to help with your project, the first step is to analyze the risks involved. Ask yourself the following:


How complex is the project? NI has partners who can undertake some of the most difficult challenges such as high channel counts and high streaming rates.

Requirements documentation

Is there a clear requirements/specification document? NI has partners who specialize in capturing requirements to create this type of documentation.

Project Scope

How large is the project? NI partners range from one-man consultants to several hundred engineers.

Risk mitigation

Do you need an expert to ensure the project goes 100 percent smoothly? The more critical the project, the more important it is to pick the right partner.

Industry/Application Expertise

Would the project benefit from specific vertical expertise? NI has partners with expertise in specific industries and application areas, including, but not limited to, wireless, medical, and energy.

NI product expertise

Do you need a partner with NI LabVIEW or NI TestStand certification? Or do you need a partner with PXI or NI CompactRIO expertise? NI partners possess certifications and expertise for NI software and hardware products.

Scalable resources

Do you need someone to help with a portion of your project or manage the entire process? NI partners can help with reference architecture design to full turn-key projects.


What services will you need after project completion? Is support required locally? Regionally? Globally? NI has partners who can support all these needs.

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Featured Partners and Solutions

Energy Storage Performance Testing

Bloomy Controls creates a flexible data acquisition and control system for evaluating and executing performance testing of utility scale Energy Storage Systems.

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Test Cell Control Solutions

Wineman Technology provides products and services for dynamometer and servo-hydraulic based test system.

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What People Are Saying about Alliance Partners


"We specifically needed a team with exceptional architecture skills and who had experience building commercial-grade software with LabVIEW. They needed to be able to run with a project with minimal specification and supervision, yet still deliver a high-quality, scalable product on a tight deadline. JKI fit the bill perfectly."

- Mike Schwartz, Program Director, Fluxion Biosciences

Optimation Technology, Inc.

"We appreciate the efforts put forth by the Optimation team to help us develop the data acquisition system. The support we received along the way was excellent. As we move forward with this project and others, National Instruments and Optimation will be my first choice for our data acquisition needs."

- Mark Curtiss, Project Manager, Audubon Bridge Constructors

Captronic Systems

"Captronic Systems Bangalore has carried out a job of coding the software for PC-based virtual instrument in NI LabVIEW. We found that it has provided tight integration with measurement hardware to facilitate rapid development of data acquisition and analysis, instrument control, and data presentation. We are happy and satisfied about the performance and work carried out by Captronic Systems Bangalore."

- Anil Kumar, Scientist-Engineer, ISRO Satellite Centre

Signal.X Technologies

"Working with a capable integrator like Signal.X Technologies on the design of our complex functional test machines has resulted in cost-effective deployment of NI hardware and LabVIEW custom control applications. This working partnership brings together test sequencing, data acquisition, signal conditioning, advanced analysis algorithms, real-time feedback control loops, data archival, and reporting to great success on short schedules and tight budgets."

- Jack Porter, Engineering Manager, Comau Inc.