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What are the Benefits of the System Design Technology?

The NI graphical system design approach is offering many benefits and provides a smooth transition path from the early design and prototyping phase to high volume production as your business grows:


  • Faster time to market for your product
  • Faster business acceleration due to rapid functional prototyping and higher market acceptance
  • Highly flexible software and hardware product platforms let you implement market feedback quickly
  • Mature, reliable industrial products certified for worldwide use (
  • High performance due to the use of latest PC, embedded and silicone technology
  • Seamlessly integrated hardware and software
  • Open software and hardware that can be customized easily and leaves room for future requirements
  • Long-term availability of hardware and software
  • Various application development environments (LabVIEW (graphical ADE), LabWindows/CVI (C based ADE), Measurement Studio (.NET based ADE))
  • Worldwide service and support network


More than 25,000 companies are successfully using the NI platform for a wide range of applications: »

NI products are widely used by original equipment manufacturers: »